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Resources for Piano Teachers

Dear Piano Teacher

The ever-growing bundle of resources you will find here cover a wide variety of styles and topics. There are many free items available, so please browse and help yourself.

Sight Reading

Ways to conquer sight reading difficulties are set out in detail with musical examples. The intervallic system is explained.

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Pitch Accuracy Teaching Method

This method was devised by me to meet a need for students going for an exam where aural was a component. I adapted it for an adult 'tone-deaf' choir with great success.

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End of Term/Semester Student Progress Report Suggestions Checklist

This is a set out as a formal assessment of student progress for teachers to use or make adjustments to suit. It is easy to fill in, and will please parents and students because it is so similar to a school report.

This style of document also helps parents and student realise what is involved in learning an instrument, and it endorses your professionalism.

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Piano Scales

Scales are not always a favourite part of learning for your students.

This popular book takes out the tedium and enables students of all abilities and levels to progress quickly and accurately.

All Major keys, Harmonic Minor and Melodic Minor - Accurate fingering from the very first time with As Easy as Pie Piano Scales

Do you have students who do not practise?

Check the list of possible reasons. HOW to practise is the second part of this article and shows how to re-motivate the reluctant student.

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Words for Ode to Joy

While not being a direct translation of the German, the essence of Beethovens message is captured. Read, sing, accompany.

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The Ideal Studio

This list is worth reading because it may rekindle a forgotten thought.

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Exam and Performance Confidence

Some surprising ideas not seen elsewhere are set out in this article.

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Music and the Autistic/Dyslexic Child

Research has shown that singing not only provides therapeutic benefits for ADHD children, but boosts emotional camaraderie and sense of well-being for all children.

For those with an Autism Spectrum Condition, remarkable things have been shown to happen when singing is added to language.

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It's Time to Sing!

The fifteen original songs in this colour illustrated Children's Songbook Reader combine literacy and singing. The A4 landscape wire-bound Teacher's Edition sets out movement ideas for each song.

Expect a lot of laughter mixed in with robust learning. Mostly simple piano accompaniments in easy-to-read notation.

Free backing tracks for all songs also available here.

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Piano Student Questionnaire for Teacher Information

You can modify this two-page form to suit your needs.

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Free Music Downloads

These pieces generally range from beginners through to Grade 3.

I Want to Play the Piano Today!

Treble clef, minims, interval reading, finger numbers are the focus points.

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Sight Singing for Piano Players

Overcome your fear of singing and become a better piano player as a result. You will love this page.

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Haunted House - piano piece

Discover the beautiful B flat while both hands move in parallel motion with the slow and slightly creepy melody to describe a haunted house.

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Jumping Jacks - piano piece

Two short contrasting sections teach looking ahead, reading and playing octaves, 4/4 time, quick chord changes, RH fingering changes are the main focus areas.

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Looking Good! - piano piece

The left hand has the tune while the right plays sidekick. Jaunty 12/8 time, C major, accents, LOUD, easy and well able to impress friends.

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Walking on a Tightrope - piano piece

This is a piece for right hand only. Details: F# as an accidental, legato, staccato, quaver rests. The student works out the best fingering as a valuable learning skill.

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Vesper Hymn - extract - piano piece

C major, F major, G major and E major versions enhance sight reading, inner ear pitch accuracy and improvisational skills.

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Show-off Sixths and Octaves - piano piece

Tap your foot, look cool, be a star! 
The notation is a launching pad to then go it alone to learn the pleasure of improvisation.

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The Dramatic Chromatic Circle of Fifths
    - piano piece

This goes into RH chromatic scale territory with pumped up LH octaves. Feel the power of the circle of fifths. A good show-off piece!

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