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Free download We All Live in AustraliaWe All Live in Australia

I wrote this song as part of a multi-cultural musical called Riders. It helps us feel that no matter where we came from, or if our heritage in Australia is from the Dreamtime to the present time, we are connected emotionally as one people, because Australia is our home.

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When Your Pants begin to GoWhen your Pants Begin to Go

This song is a glimpse into the struggle with poverty poet Henry Lawson (1867 – 1922) and many of his generation had, and as such is a commentary on early Australia’s social history related by Lawson. A wry sense of humour is mixed with a quiet dignity as typical of Lawson’s style.  Interesting background notes about Henry Lawson are included on the score to enrich the singing experience.

The song suits solos, small groups through to a large choir. Three-part harmony parts can be taken from the piano R H.

Click here to download audio backing track (MP3).

Ode to JoyWords to: Ode to Joy

While not a direct translation from the German, these words by Ellie Hallett have been written to reflect the humanity Beethoven portrays in this symphony. They are just as relevant in today's world as in Beethoven's time.

The Ode to Joy melody is from the 4th movement of Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, also known as The Choral Symphony.

Note: The music for this piece is readily available from many sources.


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