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Piano Pieces to Download

The ever-growing bundle of resources you will find here cover a wide variety of styles and topics. There are many free items available, so please browse and help yourself.


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Free DownloadWalking the Dog

This piece is in compound time 12/8, and is purposely spread over two pages for easy reading. The legato melody is in the left hand while the right hand has the accompaniment of repeated chords played lightly with a semi-staccato hand movement. The repetition is a subtle built-in practise device.

Fun to play, this piece will have great appeal to piano players of about Grade 2 standard. No fingering has been included to encourage the student to work out the fingering for themselves as an added learning step. The chordal pattern is I IV V7.

The tempo can be slow and languid through to fast and cheeky, and therefore at the player’s discretion. It is a piece to entertain and impress friends, so the latter tempo is probably what will happen.

Free DownloadI Want to Play the Piano Today!

Treble clef, minims, interval reading, finger numbers. Glory awaits!

Free DownloadSight Singing Adventures for Piano Players

This is like having a teacher on a page to help the beginner music reader and player get inside the dots to understand the mechanics of music notation and pitch. You will love this page!

Free DownloadHaunted House

Discover the beautiful B flat while both hands move in parallel motion. Enjoy the creepy melody as you check out a haunted house (in the dark, candle goes out etc).

Free DownloadJumping Jacks

Two pieces are on this page:
Learning steps include looking ahead, octaves all over the place, no sharps or flats and 4/4 time. The second piece involves quick-thinking chord changes and finger familiarity, LH chord changes, RH finger number intensive care. Go for it!

Free DownloadLooking Good!

The left hand has the tune while the right hand plays sidekick. Jaunty 12/8 time; C major; accents; this piece can be played LOUDLY, well able to impress friends.

Free DownloadWalking on a Tightrope

Features are right hand only; F# as an accidental (i.e. beside the note in the music rather than as a key signature); and smooth (legato) and jumpy (staccato and quaver rests). This piece has no fingering marked because this is your job. (I can't do everything for you.)

Free DownloadVesper Hymn - extract

The eyes have it. Music reading involves vertical and horizontal eye movement. Block chords and intervals measured by the eyes up and down and left to right are definitely the way to musically go and grow. C major, F major, G major and E major versions to play with. Well worth time and effort.

Free DownloadShow-off Sixths and Octaves

Tap your foot, look cool, and be a star! The dots (notation) give you the idea in this piece, but you can improvise as soon as you like. To share the joy, teach a friend how to do 8 low C notes (one finger or two) followed by 8 low G singles or octaves. If they can count to 8 and have fingers in working order, they can do this. This patern is repeated over and over and over while you do the sixths. Or you do the lot yourself.

Free DownloadThe Dramatic Chromatic Circle of Fifths

This is venturing into chromatic scale land, pumped up LH octaves, and a dramatic way to feel the power and glory of the circle of fifths. This is also a too-easy piece to IMPRESS your friends and those who will suddenly want to be your friend. Be loud. Be proud!