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Songs for Choirs

Percussion, movement and poetry to teach beat, rhythm
and performance confidence.

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Slick Limericks

A woman called Alice McBean,
Decided to visit the Queen.
    When she came to the palace
    They said ...

Being polite and well-mannered, the characters within these pages are perfectly at ease in homes, schools, waiting rooms and libraries – or anywhere where words are loved.

P.S. Some limericks are tongue-tangling tongue-twisters. There is also one for budding ventriloquists where the lips do not touch - but which one is it?



Loud Poems for Noisy Kids

These rollicking and all-original poems are built for sharing with friends, performing at school, reciting with family, presenting on stage, showing off to grandma … and of course reading for fun.

Being loud is the way to go because the characters you meet in these pages definitely want to be centre stage. So strut your stuff, dear reader. Let your voice soar! Be loud and be glorious! And enjoy the applause.



This poem is a vivid account of the sounds and sights in a short but dramatic summer storm, written in such a way that reassures young readers who may be scared of a storm. The drama is taken from an appreciation of nature angle rather than fear.

Sound effect words ending in 'ing' are a vocabulary-enlarging feature.

The beautiful illustrations have every chance of inspiring budding artists to draw their own versions of the weather.


Three Little Pigs in Rollicking Rhyme

Once upon a time there were three little pigs,
Handsome and plump but not very big.

And so begins this bouncy version of the much-loved story told here in rap-like rhyme.

Actor warm-ups and movement activities are included at the back of the book, along with a song written to celebrate the happy outcome of this rollicking tale.



This is a tongue-twisting poem written for readers who love their poems to be vivid and LOUD!

It is for all ages, from little kids through to grownups; school classrooms through to home libraries.

The highly descriptive words and phrases paint a strongly pictorial picture, with the illustrations contributing another colourful element in this lively tale.



I'd like to be the captain of a great big ship
And give all my passengers a lovely trip ...

This story poem takes readers on a cruise as seen from the Captain's point of view.

Told in snappy rhyming couplets, the reader travels to places well beyond the classroom and into big wide happy world of an ocean voyage.

A nautical glossary is included as a general-knowledge booster.


Ten Pretty Butterflies

This 16 page full colour A4 landscape book is a visual feast, delighting children and taking them at their own pace into the wonderful world of butterflies, nature, counting and subtracting by ones. No butterflies come to any harm in this book!

And there's a surprise hiding on every page for sharp-eyed readers.

The vivid illustrations will encourage children to linger and talk about the details, encouraging observation and vocabulary development in a joyful setting. Activity pages are included as another good fun feature.

Suitable for home, early childhood organisations and school,
this book is a perfect gift!


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